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Our Team

Senior Managing Directors

Fred Bain

Private Wealth Advisor of Cowan Wealth Management

Fred Bain, a wealth management expert at Cowan Wealth Management, specializes in crafting tailored financial strategies for diverse global clients. Prior to Cowan, he honed his skills at Merrill Lynch and Franklin Templeton Distributors. An FSU Finance graduate with certifications from the College for Financial Planning, Fred blends his comprehensive financial knowledge with a client-centered approach. Based in Manasquan, New Jersey, Fred’s hobbies include boating, fishing, sports, and community volunteering.

Robert Clive

SVP: Global Co-Head of Private Wealth Management

Robert Clive serves as the Managing Director and Head of Global Technology at Cowan Group International, where he leverages his extensive 26-year expertise in healthcare, biotechnology, and mergers and acquisitions. A graduate of Duke University and holder of a postgraduate degree in International Business and Finance from New York University, Mr. Clive has become a driving force in the growth of Cowan’s Biotech sectors. His acumen in pinpointing high-value opportunities has led to a strong record of strategic successes for the firm. Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Clive is committed to his family life, being a father to three children, and takes pleasure in recreational activities such as skiing, golf, and tennis.

John Levitt

Senior Managing Director of Cowan Wealth Management

John Levitt, Senior Managing Director at Cowan Wealth Management, boasts an extensive financial career including roles at Lehman Brothers, Neuberger, Covington & Burling LLP, and Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP. He also serves on the Executive Committee, Board of Directors at Cowan, and Dyal Capital Partners Investment Team. With a JD from Duke University and a BA in Diplomatic History and Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Levitt possesses a unique approach to finance. Committed to social impact, he serves on the Leadership Council of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Museum.


Tony Walia

Senior Managing Director

Tony Walia, Senior Managing Director at Cowan Wealth Management Group, brings over nine years of international wealth management expertise to the firm. His experience, spanning the UK, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, includes roles at Hannam & Partners and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he worked on various banking, fintech/payments, and loan portfolio sales. Holding both Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Auckland, Walia’s multidisciplinary approach to finance strategy is further bolstered by his seven-year tenure as a Lieutenant in the New Zealand Army Reserve Forces.



Daniel Goldberg

General Counsel and Secretary

Daniel Goldberg, General Counsel and Secretary at Cowan Wealth Management since 2020, is a seasoned legal professional with prior experience as a partner at global law firm Cooley, LLP. He has demonstrated proficiency in securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate affairs, having led the initial public offerings of Aquestive and Taiwan Liposome Company. He graduated Cum Laude from Yeshiva University and earned his Juris Doctor degree Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania. A sports enthusiast, Goldberg’s dynamic approach is reflected in his love for tennis.


Managing Directors

Tom Clinch

Managing Director

Tom Clinch, Managing Director of CWM since 2004, is a financial advisory veteran known for leading his firm’s significant growth, including the expansion of assets under management from €30M to €400M. He heads the Technical Services and Investment Strategy, displaying proficiency in pensions, investments, and inheritance planning. A Trinity College Dublin graduate, Clinch is also a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) and an industry thought leader. Besides finance, he directs Meav Productions, showcasing his versatility. His strategic acumen and client-focused approach highlight his influential role in financial advisory services.


Melissa Steinway

Head of Investor Solutions

Melissa Steinway, a key figure in Cowan Wealth Management’s Investor Solutions Group, offers over two decades of investment expertise across various asset classes. Joining Cowan in 2012, she has held several prominent roles, including Deputy CIO, Head of Equities, and Head of Global Investment and Product Strategy. Steinway’s previous experience includes positions at BlackRock, Barclays Global Investors, JP Morgan Investment Management, and Lee Overlay Partners. A London Business School and Dublin City University graduate, she has twice been featured in Irish America magazine’s Wall Street 50 for her financial contributions. Steinway’s career highlights her dedication to tailored investment strategies and her impact on the financial industry’s future.



Marc Wexler

Global Head of Real Estate Investment

Based in London, Marc Wexler is a Senior Investment Manager with over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, specializing in capital raising and deal sourcing. His previous roles include Principal and Managing Director of Madison Capital, co-founder and Managing Principal of FrontView Group, and Vice President at Antares Investment Partners. Marc began his career as an attorney. He earned his BA from Boston University and his JD from Vanderbilt Law School. Wexler’s extensive real estate expertise, combined with his legal background, positions him as a dynamic leader in high end commercial real estate.

Mike Scanlon

EVP: Head of United States Private Wealth Division

As the Executive Vice President and Head of Private Wealth Management at Cowan Wealth Management Group, Mike Scanlon stands as a significant figure in finance. Boasting over two decades of experience, his expertise lies in capital growth and tailored wealth management strategies for high-net-worth clients. Prior roles include Principal and Managing Director at Madison Capital, Managing Principal of FrontView Group, and Vice President at Antares Investment Partners. A graduate of Tufts University with a Juris Doctor cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law, Scanlon’s blend of law and economics understanding strengthens his holistic approach to wealth management.


Ravi 350

Ravi Nandlall

EVP: Head of South American & South African Private Wealth Division

Ravi Nandlall serves as the Executive Vice President for South America & South Africa at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. A Surinamese native, Ravi obtained his degree from the University of São Paulo, Brazil’s premier institution. Leveraging his profound understanding of these dynamic markets, he’s been instrumental in expanding Cowan’s footprint in both regions. Ravi’s unique perspective, grounded in his rich Surinamese heritage, has consistently provided unparalleled insights for the firm.


Oliver Wentworth

VP Account Executive

Oliver Wentworth serves as an Associate at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. An alumnus of the University of Warwick with a degree in Economics, Oliver has showcased his prowess in deal structuring and due diligence since joining Cowan in 2021. His analytical acumen and collaborative approach have been instrumental in executing several high-profile transactions for the firm. Outside work, Oliver has a keen interest in contemporary art exhibitions.

Sebastian Blackwood

Relationship Manager

Sebastian Blackwood is a Relationship Manager at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. Holding an MBA from the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School, Sebastian has been pivotal in fostering and maintaining strong client relationships for Cowan since 2018. His deep understanding of client needs combined with his strategic insights ensures tailored financial solutions for the firm’s high-net-worth individuals. Off-duty, Sebastian is passionate about participating in local community outreach programs.


Christopher Manor

Associate Broker

Chris joined Cowan Wealth Management as an associate broker in 2013. Prior to joining the firm, he served as an Jr investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch. During his time at Merrill, Gavin focused on M&A and SPAC transactions across the pharmaceutical and aftermarket biotech industries. Previously, he held summer internships at both BB&T Capital Markets in Boston and Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York.

Chris graduated from Brown University, with his B.A. in Finance and minors in Accounting and Economics. He received his MBA in International Business from Columbia University. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, tennis, working out, and watching football.

Charles Benjamin

Charles Benjamin

Client Relationship Executive

Charles Benjamin serves as a Client Relationship Executive at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. After securing a marketing degree from USC, he refined his client relationship expertise under the mentorship of Mr. Robert Clive for six years. Now a pivotal asset to Cowan’s client engagement initiatives, Charles is furthering his education with night classes at the University of London. Demonstrating commitment both professionally and academically, Charles remains a driven figure in the industry.

Ethan Sullivan

Ethan Sullivan

VP Account Executive

Ethan Sullivan is a VP Account Executive at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. A graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Financial Engineering, Ethan brings a comprehensive understanding of complex financial products to his role at Cowan. Since joining in 2020, his expertise has been crucial in illuminating the intricacies of the firm’s offerings to both clients and internal teams. When not delving into the nuances of finance, Ethan enjoys exploring London’s vibrant jazz scene.

Amelia Cavendish

Amelia Cavendish

VP Account Excutive

Amelia Cavendish serves as a VP Account Executive at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. Earning her degree in Economics from the University of Oxford, Amelia has been pivotal in assessing and managing credit risks for Cowan since joining in 2021. Her meticulous evaluations have played a key role in the firm’s prudent lending decisions. Beyond her professional commitments, Amelia enjoys historical literature and is a member of a local book club.

Rupert Sterling

Rupert Sterling

Foreign Exchange (FX) Trader

Rupert Sterling holds the role of FX Trader at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. With a Master’s in International Finance from King’s College London, Rupert has effectively navigated the complexities of currency markets for Cowan since 2020. His keen market insights and timely trading decisions have consistently added value to the firm’s foreign exchange portfolio. Outside of trading, Rupert is passionate about global travels, exploring diverse cultures and cuisines.

Kyle Harrison

Kyle Harrison

Operations Specialist

Kyle Harrison serves as an Operations Specialist at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. Hailing from the U.S., Kyle graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in Business Analytics. Since joining Cowan in 2021, his expertise has streamlined the end-to-end processing of financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency across the board. Outside the office, Kyle is an enthusiastic hiker, exploring the diverse landscapes of the British Isles whenever he gets a chance.


Nigel Worthington-Smythe


Nigel Worthington-Smythe is an Analyst with Cowan Wealth Management Group in London, specialising in  Mergers and Acquisitions. A graduate of the University of Oxford, Nigel has contributed to several significant transactions since joining in 2016. His expertise in financial modeling and market analysis has made him a valued asset to the Cowan team. Outside the office, Nigel is a classical music enthusiast.

Jasmine Ng

Sales & Trading Analyst

Jasmine Ng is a Sales & Trading Analyst at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. A distinguished graduate from the London School of Economics with a degree in Finance, Jasmine has quickly established herself as a dynamic force within the sales and trading division since joining in 2020. Leveraging her sharp analytical skills and market insights, she’s played a pivotal role in optimizing trading strategies for Cowan’s clientele. Outside her professional life, Jasmine enjoys exploring the UK’s historic landmarks.

Christopher Wellington

Quantitative Analyst

Christopher Wellington serves as a Quantitative Analyst at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. Graduating with honours from Imperial College London in Mathematical Finance, Christopher has been instrumental in the development of advanced financial models and algorithms for Cowan since joining in 2019. His innovative approaches to quantitative challenges have significantly benefited the firm’s portfolio strategies. In his free time, Christopher enjoys attending tech and data science conferences across Europe.

Henry Fitzroy

Henry Fitzroy

Investment Banking Analyst

Henry Fitzroy is an Investment Banking Analyst at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. A graduate from the London Business School with a degree in Finance, Henry has been actively involved in supporting deal origination and execution since joining in 2022. His adeptness in financial modeling and market research has contributed to Cowan’s recent successful transactions. Outside of banking, Henry is an avid rower, often participating in local regattas.

Madison Clark

Structured Products Analyst

Madison Clark is a Structured Products Analyst at Cowan Wealth Management Group in London. A graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Financial Mathematics, Madison has been instrumental in designing and analyzing complex financial instruments for Cowan since her arrival in 2022. Her keen understanding of underlying assets and derivatives markets has been vital in broadening the firm’s product portfolio. Outside of work, Madison has a passion for contemporary art and is a regular visitor to London’s prominent art galleries.